Page 10 - New Credential TCI 2019
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                                   DAILY QUICK REPORT
                                   •    TEAM WILL GIVE QUICK REPORT AFTER                                                       MECHANISM:
                                        EVENT ENDED ON THE SPOT USING
                                        APP BASE.

                                                                                                     EVENT TEAM WILL BE              HO ADMIN WILL BE            ADMIN WILL BE SEND
                                   FINAL REPORT                                                      SUBMIT THE DATA ON              PULLING THE DATA             THE DATA TO THE
                                                                                                      THEIR SMARTPHONE
                                   •    AFTER THE EVENT ENDED, ALL                                  THROUGH MOBILE APP               FROM SERVER AND                    CLIENT
                                                                                                                                         PROCESS IT
                                        REPORTS WILL BE COMPILE
                                        INCLUDING ANALYTICS AND PHOTOS.
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